We love Tehran not only because it is our hometown, but because we believe in her. This is not a political statement though as our belief is in Tehran’s ever lasting beauties, her status as being the face of Iranian arts and culture and the amazing talents of her new generation. We do not consider political ups and downs as they pass in time but the spirit of the city always remains the same.

The beautiful snow covered peaks of Alborz Mountains, overlooking Tehran from the north, her tall maple trees protecting us from the hot summer sun, her many bazaars peacefully standing side by side her modern landscape and so many other beauties only found in the city which 12 million Iranians call “home”.

We regard Tehran as a great, lively capital city which has been the representative of modern Iranian capability from science and sports to arts and culture.
It is the city that has generated and given the world a wide range of brilliant people such as Azar Nafisi (novelist), Abbas Kiarostami (director), Shirin Ebadi (human rights activist), Ali Karimi (footballer), Shirin Neshat (visual artist), Marjane Satrapi (cartoonist) and Deep Dish (musicians).

We are Tehran’s new generation and as we respect our past culture and history, we also look forward to our bright futures which we will build ourselves. We stand together in hard times as well as good ones and we all have one thing in common for sure; we love Tehran.

I Love Tehran was established by Takin Aghdashloo in 2004 and it operates from Toronto, Canada by:

Takin Aghdashloo - Creator / Art Director
Siavash Masoodi - Marketing Director